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Blue Whale Collective starts with education. We believe that learning is a continuous process and that by teaching others we gain our mastery. BWC stays current in the market through educating ourselves on market trends, financial models, legal requirements, tax policy, and more.

We in turn educate others through sharing on platforms like Clubhouse, our investor webinar series, and directly with our tenants.

Investing in Apartment Syndication

Community is what it is all about. We see investing in a community as part of the circular economy. We add financial resources to existing assets, educate our tenants in meaningful ways, and connect with other businesses in the community. This comprehensive approach to investment contributes to the strength of our portfolio. This is what we truly mean when we say Socially Conscious Redevelopment.

Professional Vetted Service Partners

Through years of experience we have vetted hundreds of service partners and cultivated relationships with quality, experienced professionals that we can trust. We are happy to recommend their services in residential/commercial lending, residential/commercial real estate brokerage, and multifamily property management.