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Ebook | 4 Pillars of Real Estate Investment

The Real Estate Investment guide that organizes years of experience into the 4 Pillars of Real Estate Investment: Cash Flow, Risk Management, Leverage, Appreciation.

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About This Book

The Four Pillars of Real Estate Investment, Cash Flow, Risk Management, Leverage, and Appreciation should be viewed not as individual jobs to be done, but as knowledge sets.

Within each one there will be certain jobs and roles described that you may be able to fulfill. If that area of
expertise is not represented in your ownership team, you may need to hire for it. Whether it comes from inside your ownership team or from a third party, expertise in each knowledge set will be needed in order to build a successful real estate investment business.

What's Inside

Justin Conner
Founder of Blue Whale Collective

About the Author

Justin L. Conner is laser-focused ensuring that middle-market multifamily investors preserve wealth and create lasting legacies. Justin brings immense experience to the Multifamily Investment Advisors team at KW Commercial. As a licensed Commercial

Real Estate Broker with more than 16 years of experience, Justin has honed his skill at identifying and maximizing yield for multifamily investors throughout Chicago, Illinois, Northwest Indiana and the Midwest.

Justin leverages his experience as a multifamily syndicator and asset manager to assist mid-market investors in raising equity and making the most informed decisions.

Justin specializes in equity and debt (re)structuring in acquisitions, dispositions and tax strategies of multifamily assets. Chicagoland multifamily investors often rely on Justin for guidance to maximize their internal rate of return and operational best practices.

Justin is Co-Founder of Blue Whale Collective (BWC), a real estate syndication firm focused on market-rate and affordable housing development and asset management.

Blue Whale Collective was built on two main tenants:

1. attractive risk-adjusted returns

2. community building.

Justin’s acute understanding of operations, deal analysis, and the tax benefits of multifamily assets is shared with multifamily investor clients, as he currently has a portfolio of a couple hundred units valued north of ten million dollars.

Justin’s focus on wealth preservation and legacy sharpened substantially after losing both parents before the age of 39.Justin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Northwestern University. When he’s not putting together complex transactions for his clients, Justin enjoys singing in a local band, investing in virtual real estate, and playing with his newborn baby.

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