Princeton Ave

Converting an eyesore for the community into an affordable starter home. Single Family Home Renovation and Resale Q1 2021 Purchase sale set for Q2 2021

BWC looks at the values in a community as interconnected systems. Each system plays a role in the well being, health, resilience, and strength of a community.

Investing with BWC

More About This Property

BWC’s Relationships with public and private lenders led to this opportunity.   The property was abandoned and foreclosed.  Overgrown grass, uncut bushes and full gutters made the home ugly on the outside, but only moderate repairs were needed inside.  A great opportunity in general. 

The biggest challenge here was getting a clean title so we could make the purchase.  When one title company did not get it done, we moved.  When one attorney could not get it closed, we moved.  Persistence and having quality alternative solutions won the day.

Purchase Price: $65k

Target Sale: Under Contract

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