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There are a number of pieces I wish someone was in my corner to tell me when I started my journey into investing. When it comes to deal construction, lending, underwriting, analysis, and management… Having someone I could go to with the experience and battle scars to smooth my path forward would have allowed me to grow more quickly and with less setbacks.

I know this to be true because…While I did not have someone to help me navigate the industry specifically, I did have my mother, Patricia Eve Conner, and my great aunt Judge Odas Nicholson who instilled in me a strong sense of personal responsibility and the confidence to persevere. Their mentorship in my life taught me the value and importance of having mentorship.

Between the clarity I have gained from my mother and great aunt mentoring me and recently becoming a father, I have felt called to pay it forward. 

This has manifested the desire to be the person who was missing in my life for others. Someone who helps with building an extraordinary world, helps avoid costly mistakes, helps transactions go smoother, and helps lower anxiety and adds perspective.  someone to call when things seem impossible, and of course, someone to celebrate victories with who knows how hard you worked for those victories.

In order to successfully navigate a journey into becoming an investor it will require commitment and perseverance. You have to be absolutely clear on what it is you want. We will begin our work together with getting crystal clear on exactly what that means for you and your team.  

As you’ve learned through the 4 Pillars of Real Estate Investing there are 9 crucial roles on your investment team. You will need to convey that clear vision to your prospective team members as you recruit them.  They need to align with your vision and believe in you.  People do not follow facts and figures, they follow leaders.  You can not inspire others to follow you if you do not have a committed clear vision of where you are going. 

The goal is to speed up your vetting process while making sure they are aligned with your goals and have the experience to execute their role successfully. You will learn how to structure your investment team for specific asset types and different geographical regions.  We will also provide you with questions to ask team members and service providers.

These questions come from my personal experience, and are from many rounds of both successful and unsuccessful recruiting. My experience, learning the hard way, has taught me that small mistakes when dealing with 7 figure assets can immediately be 5 or 6 figure expenses. 

It is more important to move correctly than it is to move quickly.  Passing on a deal that could have been a good one is unfortunate, but not damaging to your team and reputation.  Getting into a deal at the wrong price or with the wrong team can push you out of the industry. 

Commercial real estate is not one size fits all.  The more roles you take on for the investment team, the greater your responsibility for the success of the team, and the greater your compensation.   As an alternative, you could focus on oversight and accountability for the team which would drastically reduce the time commitment for you on a day to day basis.

That is another reason it is so crucial to be clear on exactly what it is that you want so that you can build your team around that goal from the beginning.  

Leveraging the course materials and bonuses you will receive alongside the private mentorship for you and your team will reshape how you interact with real estate investment.  When targeting a large opportunity, your focus will shift from the intimidating thought of “how do I do this?”, to an empowering focus on “Who do I need to partner with?”.  That one shift can make all the difference. 

Nothing truly great is accomplished alone.  When you look at any successful team there is always an architect behind assembling that team.  A person with the vision to see a future that does not currently exist, and the perseverance to see that vision to realization.  Assembling an investment team is building community from the very start.  In this case, a community of specialists seeking a shared outcome.  Shift your focus away from your individual limitations and towards the limitless potential of working as a collective.

The level of your conversations will shift dramatically.  You will become a high level real estate investor with a powerful network behind you.  Vetting possible team members and service partners is a skill that only improves with time and experience.  But, we will also shortcut that process for our one on one clients by providing access to our network of professionals built over decades of experience.  

They say your network is your net worth.  At Blue Whale Collective Education we are intentional about growing both.  The two are inextricably linked and that is why there is such a focus on team building.  A successful real estate investment team is deeply impactful not just financially, but also to the communities we invest in as well. 

I can not count the number of lenders, attorneys, insurance brokers, property managers, contractors, investors, and tenants that have benefited from our investments and work over the years.  

CRE (Commercial Real Estate) is the perfect example of an industry where doing well (financial) and doing good (communal) can move in lock step toward a better future.  

As you move towards your better future you are now not only an investor in your community, but someone that has the power to positively impact that community’s collective future.

If this resonates with you....

I am looking for qualified individuals that are committed to building a highly competent investment team and growing portfolios of 8 figures or more.  If I am not positive that I can significantly accelerate your team’s learning curve and put you in position to be vetting and securing deals, I do not want to accept your money. 

Space will be extremely limited for private mentorship.  Only 2 new spaces per month. 

Have you ever been a general partner in a real estate deal?
Have you ever been a Limited partner in a real estate deal?
Have you ever been a Guarantor or signed to secure a commercial loan for an Investment purchase?
Have you formed a legal entity before? (LLC, Partnership, Corp, Non-Profit)