Proven Models | Strong Values

A Value Driven Approach

When Blue Whale Collective invests in a property we take a value add approach. While that strategy is common, our deployment of it is not. BWC takes a comprehensive approach to adding value stretching well beyond simply improving the physical structure or cosmetic finishes in an apartment. Additional areas we analyze are as follows:


Modernize management processes to decrease expenses and make rent collections more efficient for both tenants and staff.

Practical Tenant

Offer access to financial and nutritional education classes to improve tenant retention.

that Matters

Guide tenants through rental assistance and housing subsidy applications when needed/appropriate.

Growing with
Our Tenants

Promote home ownership to our tenant base including offering them access to our off market renovation deals.

Practical Tenant

Offer access to financial and nutritional education classes to improve tenant retention.


Participating in meaningful projects that build resilience, including: community gardens, sponsoring book bag and coat drives.


Interested in Investing


Blue Whale Collective’s commitment to
socially conscious redevelopment, further protects
the economic investment in the actual property.


Our Proven Models

Investing in a community means more than acquiring property for the Blue Whale Collective portfolio. BWC looks at the values in a community as interconnected systems. Each system plays a role in the well being, and resilience of a community.


Current Tenant Retention Rate

After a property has been acquired, repaired/renovated, and re-marketed to tenants, we consider the property seasoned. A seasoned property with BWC maintains an average of 83% retention rate.

Lack of tenant retention is the greatest hurdle to successful asset management. Our approach to Socially Conscious Redevelopment addresses that concern head on; therein benefiting both our investors and our tenants.


Our Proven Models

We target properties that have a need. Inefficient or tired management, significant deferred maintenance, or high vacancy rates are some of the characteristics that make for a promising target for a Blue Whale Collective acquisition. When we purchase these types of assets at discounted prices, we position ourselves to make both a profit for our investors, and a difference to the community.

This approach differentiates the BWC brand from the rest,
and makes BWC properties highly valued by tenants and the community at large.
We are different and we are proving it.

~ BWC ~