BWC sees clean, safe housing and accessible opportunities for personal development as the foundation for Socially Conscious Redevelopment.


Blue Whale Collective is an apartment syndication organization that enables resilient communities by bringing resources. Specifically, BWC provides capital, commitment, and connections.

Throughout Chicagoland, many neighborhoods have been targets for predatory development leaving communities sick, struggling, and forgotten. Blue Whale is a part of the solution for socially conscious redevelopment. A driving force behind community well being is a connected network of residents that have Secure local options for food, banking, education, and parks. 

When BWC enters a community, we aim to make it more resilient through our tenant education programs about finance and nutrition. These programs give a community the awareness and access it needs to thrive.


community wellness

Blue Whale Collective

sees the opportunity to leverage the strength of our investors and our proven business models to help neighborhoods rewrite their narrative. Our investors are like-minded in valuing quality construction, strong portfolio management, and community wellness on the same level.


Blue Whale Collective Education

Learn from our experience and the experiences of your peers in our topical webinars, webinar series, ebooks, and online courses.

BWC Road Map

Blue Whale Collective

A Growing

As we’ve grown we have created amazing relationships with like-minded investors to help accelerate our impact. Learn more about how we invest and how you can join the Collective.


Building Community

Education is the key pillar to affecting change in a community. Blue Whale is dedicated to providing our tenants access to the education they need. Additionally, we offer aspiring developers online courses, workshops, and lectures leveraging our experience. Check out our course offerings to learn more.

New to the Portfolio

Our ever expanding portfolio is a demonstration of the Blue Whale Collective strategy, history, and trajectory forward. Apartment Syndication is our core strategy, but we are not limited to just one. See the diversity of our projects and get familiar with the Blue Whale collection.