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Let’s Build Community Together

Blue Whale Collective is an apartment syndication organization that enables resilient communities through Socially Conscious Redevelopment. Specifically, Blue Whale provides capital, commitment, and connections.

Tenant Retention Rate
1 %
Units in Portfolio
Experience in Real Estate
1 Years


A Big Vision

Blue Whale Investments

Like our company name, Blue Whale Collective, our portfolio is a growing collection with a big vision. The blue whale is one of the largest, smartest, and most communal creatures on the planet. They represent wisdom, legacy, community, and scale. Our portfolio is steadily growing as we focus on blue ocean opportunities. Blue whales are an ancient example of community strength, and we look to their success at taking care of each other, teaching their youth, and finding joy in life as a collective.


Blue Whale Collective Education

Learn from our experience and the experiences of your peers in our topical webinars, webinar series, ebooks, and online courses.

Webinars and Courses for
Investors and Professionals

Our Values

A Big Vision


Nutritional, Financial,
Community Building

Community Resilience

Capital, Commitment,

Quality Construction

Affordable, Modern,

Intelligent Investing

Syndication, Value-Add,
Risk Managment

Rewriting Narratives

Healthy Environments, Positive Growth, Community Pride

Our Communication

Transparent, Respectful,

Our Tenant Relationships

Trusted by tenants

The Blue Whale Collective value system is demonstrated through our focus on building relationships with our tenants. Our tenant’s well being is important to us, and to the community at large. Tenant retention rates of our seasoned buildings demonstrates that to our investors.

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